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February 2023 Tarotscope: Inviting Change to Make Progress

Things are looking pretty good for the month of February. At a glance, the cards I pulled support an energy of change and progress. Generally speaking, the rewards are on their way! It looks like success is on the horizon, but it is requiring you to do a bit of work no your end to really get there. If you've been working on something for a while, but can't seem to finish, or have been wanting to start something, this tarotscope is definitely for you! Even if this doesn't describe your situation, there's likely something here that will resonate. If it doesn't apply, let it fly.

Cards pictured from left to right: (Tarot) Four of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Five of Swords, King of Wands, Justice (Oracle) Your hard work is paying off, It's time to take action, Disruption, Surrender, Watch a Movie

When looking at these cards, I felt there was no denying the fact that the work is happening, but I was also getting a sense of working harder instead of working smarter. For some of you I think you have been working extremely hard and taking consistent action, but there is some resistance and almost stubbornness in your approach which is making the task harder for you. That said, some of you likely see the end, you know you've almost reached the goal (and the reward is definitely as sweet as you imagine it to be), but you're getting hung up somewhere. While individual motivations may vary, I'm feeling that stability/security is a big motivating factor here. Either your approach is guaranteeing a safe/stable outcome, or you feel safest doing the things you've always done. Don't be afraid to change things up. This pull is also indicating that there is a need to let go of something, maybe a habit, or thought pattern because it is keeping you stuck or slowing down the process. Finally, we are seeing the need for balance. Again, balance will vary depending on your individual situation, but in this instance two major contexts would be 1) balance between our thoughts and actions and 2) balance between rest and taking action. There is a lot of value in rest, and it often frees up mental space that we may need more than we realize.

  • Stability and security

  • Time of harvest or reaping the rewards of our success

  • Determination

  • Tunnel-Vision

  • Confident action

  • Balance

  • Accountability

  • Let it go

  • Discipline versus control

  • Invitation to change

  • New beginnings are close

  • Long-term thinking and planning

  • Keep going

  • Get a different point of view

  • Attention to detail

Journal Prompts to Work With This Energy
  • What does security/stability mean to me? In what areas of my life is this most important?

  • How can I honour myself and my progress in this moment?

  • Are there different ways to get to my goal(s)?

  • If success was guaranteed, what would you do? How would you act?

Thanks for reading and happy February! I hope you got something out of this.

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