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Tarot Guidance

Tarot Guidance

Tarot Guidance offerings are available for those who are looking to gain clarity on certain situations or areas in their lives. Tarot cards are the tool that I use to gain insight into your situation and help identify areas where you can best direct your attention.



  • What You Will Get

    • Video file with my insights and details from the reading
    • PDF with highlights and action items from the reading
  • Questions You May Want to Ask

    • Tell me about ______________
    • How can I improve my relationship with _______________
    • What do I need to know right now?
    • What is blocking me right now?
  • Questions That I Will Not Answer

    • Predictions (e.g. When will _____ happen?)
    • Yes or No questions
    • Questions about other people (e.g. Will Johnny do ____?)
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