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Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping for Discipline

Feeling stuck in a cycle of procrastination or lacking the drive to pursue your goals? You're not alone. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, maintaining discipline can feel like an uphill battle. Here are some simple tapping prompts to help you reclaim control and stay focused on your journey to success.

Your set-up statement can be as simple as this:

"I'm disappointed in myself for not making the effort towards my goals."

You can follow up with any combination of the following prompts to solidify more productive beliefs about your ability to achieve your goals:

"I am committed to my goals and take consistent action every day."

"Discipline comes naturally to me and strengthens with each task I complete."

"I am focused and driven, making progress towards my dreams."

"I embrace challenges as opportunities to grow my self-discipline."

"Every day, I become more disciplined and self-motivated."

"I have the power to control my actions and choices."

"I prioritize my responsibilities and manage my time effectively."

"I stay dedicated to my routines and habits that lead to success."

"I am resilient and stay disciplined, even when faced with obstacles."

Hopefully some EFT with these prompts can help restart your engine and help you feel more confident and ready to tackle your goals!

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